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The Dog And Pony Show Podcast: How to deal with the Facebook IOS 14.5.1 rollout with Pete Ward and Monique Bradley

Struggling to understand what to do with the new IOS 14 roll out?

Are you finding it really hard to understand how to grow your online audience or serve advertising that actually works?

Know a little bit about the Facebook Pixel? That’s the ‘thing’ in a website that previously was used to track you and your behaviour online…….but that has now all changed…..and for advertisers, that’s going to be really tough.

How and WHY? Watch the video to find out!

If you’re an advertiser, or using advertising for your business, you need to know about this and how to launch yourself into the NEW PARADIGM……..The best part is: the solution is really simple!

There’s no denying that it’s getting harder for advertisers to get themselves seen, heard and remembered. It seems that only the BIG players can get cut through and are taking up the mind share of your audience! SO: How can you build your ideal audience, create impact and drive quality leads to your website?

Watch the video and get in touch to find out how to make it all happen.