Keeping your sales funnel as simple as 1,2,3 helps to focus you and your content to achieve specific outcomes.

At each stage of the sales funnel your strategy should be adapted to achieve specific outcomes.

  • Stage 1: Brand Awareness
  • Stage 2: Engagement
  • Stage 3: Conversion

Brand Awareness

You need to start here, brand awareness gets you in front of your NEW potential leads, best practice here is social media posts, videos and blogs. Obviously this is a cold audience and it is too soon to start pushing your products AT them.

You can spend money here on paid digital advertising in Facebook or Youtube getting this content in front of as many new leads as you can afford and remember to share it on social media for organic reach as well.

This leads to……


Once people know about you and your brand/products etc, you need to build trust by HELPING people. Publishing helpful tips and tricks, videos, howto documents, blog articles and social media content that gets people to engage is what you need to do at the engagement stage of the sales funnel.

This is also a great time to ask for an email address in exchange for some very helpful download, video, online educational course or PDF white paper etc.

You can use paid digital advertising to target ONLY the people who engaged in stage 1, perhaps from more than 50% of video views or post engagements. This ensures they are getting warmer and becoming more than interested.

This leads to……


Now you can start asking for the order. You have warmed them up and segmented your audience to ONLY people who are really interested in you. You know this because at the previous 2 steps you filtered them down to only target people who responded in some way.

It’s tempting to want to target more people in the conversion stage but as this is a funnel – it starts out wide and gets smaller on the way down – the only way to have more interested people in the bottom of the funnel conversion stage is to put more people into the top of the funnel. If you try to push your products at them to early in the “dance of the sale” you will only offend them and they will jump out of your funnel.

So there you have it, a basic but VERY effective 1,2,3 stage sales funnel where each previous stage feeds into the next stage and warms your audience up to the point, if done correctly, leads to an increase in sales conversion percentage and is also totally scaleable. Simply get more people into the top of the funnel.

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