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What Is Social Broadcasting

What exactly is this “Social Broadcasting” and why does it matter to you?

Social Broadcasting can be defined as:  

The broadcasting of video, text and pictures directly to an intended audience through social media channels such as facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other channels as opposed to traditional channels such as radio, TV and print.

By defining social broadcasting this way, we can see that it can be very useful for marketing and in general terms, promoting your message directly to the followers of brands and people.

The people behind YourFixTV – Pete Ward and Monique Bradley – have been providing Social Broadcasting for many years under various names and guises.  It is only recently that we can concentrate on providing quality broadcasting and streaming through social platforms such as Youtube and Facebook mainly due to the technology finally being broadly available.

Live And On Demand


By utilising broadcast quality cameras and equipment, it is possible to produce quality programs that are comparable to TV styled shows which viewers have an expectation of seeing.  These shows can be live streamed through either a paid-for provider such as
Livestream, Da-Cast or similar, or opting for the free route, Facebook and Youtube make excellent streaming providers.

Of course after the live event or even as a preplanned option, on demand video shows can be recorded as the resource and you can build up a digital asset store with rich content ready to broadcast on a schedule.  It is also possible to push a “live” feed of pre-recorded content as if you were a standard TV station providing you have the bandwidth and computers spare to fully devote to your live stream.

Content can also be “restreamed” through various online service providers such as http://restream.io that allows you to stream 1 source stream into various other services such as Youtube and custom RTMP servers.

Direct Access To Consumers


One of the major benefits to Social Broadcasting is the direct route to the consumer making it the obvious choice for marketing content designed to elicit what is called “a positive consumer action”.  To put it bluntly, you can sell directly through social broadcasting, TV shopping style.

This is made possible due to the fact that you know exactly who is ing your stream, when, for how long, whether they like it, whether they share it, comment or otherwise interact with it.  All of these analytics are demographic “gold in them thar hills” when it comes to marketing and re-marketing services from websites and social media, ensuring your ad follows that particular consumer around the Internet, making as many touch points as possible.

Replacing TV


As we move forward and grow up, it becomes very obvious that people’s viewing habits are changing.  We have what has been described as PSVE – Personally Selected Viewer Experience.  Simply put: what you want to , when you want to it and how you want to it.  People have made the break away from the TV in the living room and they are never coming back.  Mobile consumption of social media and indeed media in general is now the norm and as we cater for this, it feeds that need, growing the consumption of media on mobile devices exponentially.

The TV has been well and truly replaced and as a business, you need to be providing your marketing in such a way that it reaches your audience.  And your audience is on social media, hence the focus is now moving to Social Broadcasting, a complete game changer for media companies.

It has been reported that as many as 1 in 4 people  FIFA World Cup or UEFA Champions League online and this will only grow now the summer Olympics has turned sports viewing on its head.

Social Media Promotion


Other research has shown that as many as 75% of Facebookers are logging-in daily to the social media site.  This is only a small fraction of the statistics that show people are becoming entirely dependant on social media for their main source of new, updates, media and information.

As a business it makes absolute sense that by becoming a social broadcaster, you have the opportunity to market your brand in innovative and exciting ways, using media as the starting point for your digital marketing campaigns.  By starting with broadcast quality, TV styled video production, you can be assured that your audience will consume your content, gleaning from it, all of your subtle and not so subtle marketing messages as they do so.

While TV has traditionally been extremely expensive – starting at around $1000 per minute of broadcast time – Social Broadcasting on the other hand is within the reach of most small and medium businesses budgets.

Case study

At YourFixTV, we are excited and privileged to be representing Ray McVinnie, celebrity chef and former judge on the New Zealand series of the popular TV cooking show Masterchef.


We have developed Ray’s strategy around broadcasting through Ray’s standard Facebook page, weekly, for brand awareness and audience participation and mixing it with a private Facebook group for what we call ‘Virtual Live Classrooms’ (VLC). This is where Ray goes into more depth with his cooking demonstration and viewers effectively get to ‘cook along with Ray’ in near realtime.

All the while this is going on, Monique Bradley – who has been working with Ray for more than 15 years as the MC of the New Zealand based Food Show – co-hosts the show and interacts with the social media chat, fielding questions from viewers through to Ray enabling him to answer directly in the live broadcast.

This interaction is extremely important and is now achieving something TV has only been able to dream about.  Near instant feedback from viewers.  Live giveaways are possible. Viewers can interact and upload pictures of their own food at any time and there are many other uses available to engage viewers through Social Broadcasting. Plus, strategic product placement removes the need for traditional ‘in your face’ advertising. Subtle, but noted.

Ray McVinnie Live Stream Social Broadcast

What’s Coming Next

We are only at the start of the revolution of Social Broadcasting and we have only just begun to see how people will demand their media content delivered in the coming future.  One thing we can be sure of is that the playing field has changed and social broadcasting is a game changer.

As more and more events, movie screenings, sports and more move to online as their primary broadcasting platform, people consuming more and more media on their mobile devices and PSVE – Personally Selected Viewer Experience – becoming the norm, we at YourFixTV are very excited to see what the future brings us.

One thing we can be sure of is that we will all play a part of this exciting new trend and we can be sure it is not going away any time soon.

If you would like to see how you can take advantage of Social Broadcasting, contact us here and in the meantime feel free to take a look at our https://yourfix.tv on demand and live streamed Social Broadcasting platform.