Digital Outreach

Tier 1. Startup - Tier 2. Growth - Tier 3. Breakthrough

Our Digital Outreach Packages are the best way to reach your audience.

We’ve spent the past 7 years building up targeted demographically diverse audiences and have reached over 200,000,000 (yes that is 200 million) set of eyes across multiple Youtube, Facebook and Instagram channels and our multiple websites – some of which are on-demand style content hubs, some are ecommerce and some personal blogs – all with daily traffic.  Combining this with our MONETISED Youtube channel we will build your dataset to include very warm experienced and ready to purchase consumers for you to reach.

As we state on the front page of this website:

The most seen brand is the most remembered brand when it comes to making a buying decision.

We see the same situation over and over, people spend good money producing video content and then let it simply sit there doing nothing.

Our Digital Reach Packages are designed to be like a digital billboard, following your potential customers around on the digital billboard in their pockets and at their fingertips: their mobile phones.

Choose from 3 Tiers to suit your budget and desired outcomes, we set up your audiences both through our data sets and geographically targeted areas, depending on your business’ needs.

Most plans are a minimum of 3 months and are perfectly designed to integrate with our video content creation packages along with our TV production offerings across multiple shows.

Start up

TIER 1 - 10,000 REACH

Reach up to 10,000 people with targeting video views and reach campaigns. By getting your offer, brand and products in front of people who have already watched video content, this means they are warm potential leads.


TIER 2 - 20,000 REACH

Really make a difference to your promotion and reach up to 20,000 sets of eyes, waiting to be helped by your brand. Stay in the minds of your ideal leads and ensure they think of you first when purchase decisions are being made.


TIER 3 - 30,000 REACH

Our BREAKTHROUGH teir is designed to reach as many people as possible using multiple content peices across multiple channels to ensure your brand is raching as many potential leads as possible while still being relevant.

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