We currently have a number of shows in production. If you are interested in finding out how to be involved including costs and technical specifications or advertising and sponsorship opportunities click to download the show proposition (prop).

The Engine Business Podcast Show – Driving business results

In conjunction with The Engine, we are producing a 26 minute business podcast which will be broadcast on Sky channel 083 as well as multiple social media channels across multiple platforms.

Featuring 3 segments per show, each segment will highlight and interview business owners, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Hosted by Monique Bradley and Catherine Cooke.

My House NZ

With house demand continuing to grow in NZ, now more than ever, more people are looking for ways to either increase the value and appeal of their property, upgrade their property to create the home of their dreams OR find the house they like – or can see potential in – and turn that into home they’ll love.

To meet this market demand and to help Kiwis on their property journey, the team at YourFix Communications in association with Sky TV Channel 083 – Face TV – have committed to creating a dedicated, locally produced Magazine style show showcasing leading experts in all areas connected to the property and home transformation journey, sharing ideas and concepts to help viewers make better, more informed decisions.

This show will be broadcast on TV and simulcast across multiple social channels including Youtube and Facebook, giving all participants an incredible opportunity to share their skills and expertise in front of an audience of thousands of interested and targeted viewers.