Partnership Promotions

How To Get Yourself Out There Effectively

Our Partnership Promotions program is where we work with you to promote your brand and products out through our channels to our audience.  

Through our multiple branded websites, we offer co-marketing opportunities that can be targeted to our audiences through individual campaigns and online advertising campaigns.  Our brands include:

  • Guide To Better Shopping
  • Guide To Better Living

As we are not offering this as brand ambassador or service video creation, all content is branded under our channels brand to offer you a cost effective way to reach you market efficiently and effectively.

We offer a selection of advertising campaigns – based on content supplied or created – to bring your intended audience directly to your website.  As first-click partners, we drive a targeted audience to your website that is highly optimised with intention to purchase due to our bespoke funnel, created expressly for your offering. 

Corporate Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador And Corporate CONTENT CREATION

We also offer our services as brand ambassadors for brands as well as corporate video creation suitable for TVC (television commercials) online campaigns, live streams and announcements, AGM’s, voiceovers and other corporate needs.

Monique Bradley is a well known actor and brand ambassador.  Check out her website here:

Please contact us for pricing.